Spanish Immersion in Seville

Live a week in my house, improve your Spanish and get to know Seville

What is Spanish Immersion in Seville?​

Spanish Immersion in Seville is a one-week program in which you will live in my house, I will give you classes and you will get to know my city. This is for you if:

You have a level of Spanish A2 or higher and you are over 21 years old.

You are a talkative, communicative and outgoing person.

The objective is to improve your oral comprehension and expression. This program focuses on living with native speakers, where the most important thing is to make you face real situations to practice your Spanish and improve it in a natural and inductive way in Seville?

Conoce Sevilla

What does the Spanish Immersion in Seville program include?

Spanish Immersion in Seville is an experience to learn and practice Spanish every day in your teacher’s city. 7 days in which you will find yourself involved in everyday situations, enjoying activities and excursions that will bring you closer to Spanish in a natural way.

Book your stay in Seville

Immersion for 1 person

7 days / 6 nights


Immersion for 2 persons

7 days / 6 nights


For more or less days you can contact me through my email admin@SpeakSpanish.proAs soon as I receive your order, I will contact you to agree on the dates. If we don’t agree, don’t worry, I will give you a full refund of the amount paid.

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